Beverly Adams Holdings, Inc.

REAL STARS with Beverly Adams


Tired of hearing all of the gossip about the celebrities who are wreckless and out-of-control with self indulgent behaviors? If so, Beverly Adams Entertainment, Inc. offers a new, fresh look at “Real Stars” - real, everyday people, that aren’t walking the red carpet. The people showcased during this magazine format television/internet series are not interested in harming themselves or anyone else. They are from all walks of life, all age groups, all socio-economic levels, every race and culture. These are the true luminaries of our society who carry on acts of goodness while no one is noticing. This super cool, hip, and trendy show is the next best fusion of hard knocks and heroes.

Please visit our site again soon for a clip of Real Stars! See how to submit people you know to be featured on the show!

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